I retreated last week to an “Old Generation”. Our generation is very sick and appears  unable to heal itself that it reminds me of the days of The Black Plague in Europe when about 20 million Europeans were wiped off the face of this earth. In the old world of my grandparents, there was a health remedy I have dusted up, just in case it may serve the needs of this time.

Since last week, I have been stocking water in a clear white glass bottle which I keep in the sun from sunrise to sunset and drink all evening and night. I plan to also keep bath water outdoor in the evening, let the moon and the stars shine upon it, and bathe with it in the morning. I am told this was a common health building practice of a few Nigerian generations past. In the internet, you would read of the health secrets of The Four Thieves, who survived the great European plague which killed more than 20 million people. This medicinal secret may protect and save lives in this generation of Coronavirus disease.

When I thought about changing my table water to water sun heated in a clear, glass bottle, I had a hunch that the long lived and pandemic free by gone generations of Africans couldn’t be wrong. Even the “black plague”, one of the worst pandemics in human history, contaminated only fringe regions of Egypt, not the rest of Africa. Those generations conducted themselves in the knowledge that earthly existence was not independent existence, that the stars, the sun and the moon influenced earthly life in various ways and that, beyond the stars, there existed another world which could not be seen with the eyes, but, nevertheless was subject to experience by something within their bodies that was not these bodies…they themselves.


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