A couple was arrested in Lagos for the killing of their 19-year  housemaid, whom they claimed committed suicide, but her family members said she was beaten to death.

It was on this note that Mr. and Mrs. Fortune Stephens were arrested by Operatives of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) of the Lagos State Police Command for the death of Joy Okom Adole, at their home at number 18 Ogundola street, in the Bariga area of the state.

The couple called the police to report that their housemaid had committed suicide at their home on April 20th following a misunderstanding. When the police arrived, Joy was found hanging from a rope in her room. The couple was taken to the station for questioning and during preliminary investigation, a different story emerged of how Joy may have met her untimely death.

Her family believes that Mr. and Mrs. Stephens or only Mrs. Stephens beat Joy to death and staged her death to look like suicide.

Narrating what he believes happened, a cousin of late Joy, Philip Ejeh, said she worked for the couple for just four months, starting from the 10th of January. She was being paid N15000 a month, but the money was paid to an agent who brought Joy to the couple and not directly to Joy.

Ejeh said trouble started when Joy asked the couple that her salary be paid directly to her.

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