Some of the palliatives were discovered to be on sale in the markets across Minna. At the Kure Ultra-modern market, some of the grain palliatives meant to be shared among the people in Limawa community in Minna to cushion the effects of the lockdown were discovered to be on sale.

The grains were discovered by a member of the committee, who is the Vice-Chairman of Chanchaga local government.

Some of the community members of Limawa community explained that they came to show them the truck which brought the grains and told them they would share it later.

“We did not know they wanted to go and sell it. These people are simply heartless and have no feeling about our plight at all,” one of the community members, who identified himself as Hassan said.

It was learned that a group of persons was given the directive to distribute the allocated food palliatives to the Limawa ward in Chanchaga where the first coronavirus positive case was discovered in the state.

However, it was discovered that 13 bags of rice, 14 bags of millet, and 15 bags of maize in addition to several cartons of spaghetti disappeared from the bulk meant to be given to the ward for distribution.

The traders could not name the people who sold it to them. The Vice-Chairman reported the incident to the Chairman of Chachanga local government area, the governor, and the Taskforce on COVID-19 alleging that a member of the task force was involved in the illegality.


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