The fashion scene has gone through all kinds of metamorphosis. One fabric that has continued to mesmerise all and sundry is the ankara. These days, it looks fabulous with embroidery, sequin, patches, crystals and other bling items. One of the newest additions is the chiffon ankara which is making incredible statements on the fashion scene.

African prints now come in several natty designs and the good thing is you don’t have to empty your account before you get one.

The quality ones are expensive. But expensive or not, when a good fashion designer does justice to an ankara fabric as an entity or stylishly mixed with other fabrics, people will certainly appreciate the result. In other words, the finished product depends on the designer; in fact, it is the designer that would determine whether your ankara would look cheap or out of this world.

Ankara is still sassily hot on the runway and has become a great leveller, a fabric worn by the lowly and the well-to-do. Savvy designers are experimenting with the fabric to sew all manner of designs, from the Western to the African. The only surprise is that ankara has not been used to make bridal gowns in Nigeria!

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