Archbishop Samson Benjamin, the General Overseer for Resurrection Praise Ministry for Africa Worldwide, on Saturday said the proposed Disease Control Bill would negate the rights of Nigerians.
Benjamin told Achievers Newspaper in Lagos that he was totally opposed to the Bill which seeks to promulgate the vaccine.
“I am also absolutely against the vaccine that wants to be introduced into Africa from abroad. I do not believe it is best for us and we will resist it.”
“Some of us resisted the Disease Control Bill that was brought to the House of Representatives because it took away all your right as an individual.”
“The Quarantine Law of 2004 gives you a Civil Right and your Human Right, but the Bill takes away such rights and gives the power solely to the government,” he said.
Benjamin, however, thanked the House for listening to the cries of the masses and putting the Bill aside until it is properly scrutinised and ensures safety of health.
On COVID-19, he said that social gatherings, events and parties should still be on hold until we began to see a drop in the rising figure daily.
“The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned with prediction in a few weeks from now, Africa will become the epicentre of the virus and they predict about 300,000 deaths occurring.
“I would urge our leaders to have a rethink and reconsider their ways of beating this virus instead of calling for religious gathering.
“One very good way of reaching out to our followers for spiritual edification is to utilise the internet to continue to propagate the Word of God,” he said.
The archbishop advised that the kits brought from China be tested for efficacy before they are given out for public use.
“The economy of the world has been affected by this pandemic, however, every economy can be revived but dead lives cannot be revived.
“Africa should not be bothering about the economy for now, but focus more on trying to save as many lives as possible through public education and sensitisation campaigns.
“We are getting it wrong if we focus solely on the economic implication rather than the mortality rate, because it is the people that will revive the economy and not the other way round,” he said.
Besides, Benjamin urged the government to put to good use all the donations and contributions that have been given to us by international bodies.
“We are in a serious situation in our country regarding the virus and the government can not handle it alone therefore I call for support for the government.”
“I also urge people to live appropriately  and obey the government directives at all time in order to prevent the spread of the virus and prevent another lockdown,” the clergyman added.
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