….lament poor remuneration with hard labour

Some private school teachers have reacted on massive job losses in private institutions in some parts of Federal Captial Territory (FCT), Abuja over COVID-19 while lamenting on what they described as “poor remunerations” being offered to graduates.

Though private schools are the largest employers of labour in Nigeria some of them pay NCE, HND, Degree and Master holders about 15,000 to 35,000 monthly.

ACHIEVERS Correspondent who went round on Tuesday in the city of Abuja to interview some private school teachers on what has befallen on them as a result of COVID-19 pandemic in the country reports that many teachers of different schools had already received their unfortunate disengagement letters without any hope of pay off.

According to a teacher, John Abubakar, “Private school teachers are being treated badly especially this period of the COVID-19 as many have lost their jobs and many will still go. We saw on the news how a lot of private school teachers are being overused and paid peanut as salary while some are even being killed by workload.”

Abubakar further revealed saying, “There was this man in a private school close to my house; he started working even before I got admitted into the university but now decided to resign from the teaching job as the N25,000 being paid to him as salary for the past ten years could no longer meet up with his needs. He wrote a resignation letter a month ahead and all he could get was same 25,000 he receives monthly and was threatened that if he refused to collect the money, it will be given to another teacher as nobody cares and that the coronavirus will even lead to the sack of many teachers,” He said.

ACHIEVERS learnt that some private schools in the Western part of Nigeria pay as little as N7,000 to their teachers. This is a teacher that would be asked to take the whole JSS1 to SS3 classes.
Most times you don’t get your salary till after 5 to 10 days of the next month.

A male teacher who does not want his name in white and black says,” A private school teacher resumes 7 am and closes not later than 4 pm daily depending on schools. It is usually hard for them to take a breakfast or lunch due to the tediousness of their tasks.”

“If I may ask, does it mean that the private school teachers in Nigeria don’t have a union to fight for their interest? Just a few days ago, a friend of mine was sacked on the ground of coronavirus pandemic in the country without prior notice. This is sad,” he exclaimed.

Another teacher, Ahmed Lawal said, “Let me be frank with you, some private school directors/owners are very wicked and can be likened to satan. Apart from the fact they make you teach from SS1 to SS3, sometimes, you will be a visiting teacher to Primary 3 students, yet they would pay you peanut at the end of the day.

“Very wicked!, Can u imagine, where I am now, the school pays me N20,000 but since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria no kobo has been given to me.
The education ministry is yet to shine its searchlight on private schools to see the ugly plight of teachers there. Things have gotten out of hand in private schools, I must say.”

On his part, Obinna Okoro, who is a teacher in a private school in Abuja has this to say,” I pity some teachers this period of coronavirus, most private school owners are slave masters, very greedy set of people.

“Private schools are mostly dungeons where teachers are like the Jews under the wicked Pharaoh. The owners are aware of the unemployment state in Nigeria, so they make even more profits with the availabilities of cheap labour. Who will speak? Is it the leaders who are not ready to do anything?” He lamented.

Reacting, Margaret Ibe said, ”I have witnessed this, even after receiving above N100,000 as school fees from pupils/students, they would still pay the teachers 25-30k monthly and you have to report to school by 7:15. I think most of these school owners are just greedy and that is why we are having new schools every day.

”Today, Smart economies have realized the importance of education but not Nigeria. Teaching is supposed to be among the best-paid professions but here is what we have. Coronavirus is now the excuse,” she said.

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