The CSN  which is the administrative office of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria(CBCN) said such stories had been  helping  in positively shaping and moulding the society
It also urged journalists to focus more on positive stories that will always elevate the society.
The Secretary-General of the CSN, Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, gave the commendation in Abuja, during the Mass in an almost empty church to commemorate the 54th World Communications Day.
He charged journalists to always work toward countering negative stories in the society by regularly embracing positive and balanced reportage of events.
Samjumi in his homily acknowledged that there were both good stories and there were bad stories.
He said that good stories were constructive because they help to build up relationship and society, while bad stories were destructive and provocative because they wear one down and destroy the society.
”It means that stories are not just the texts of words or prints, as if they are abstract and distinct from humanity; rather, they are real extensions of human persons in the various circumstances themselves.
”Stories influence our lives, whether in the form of fairy tales, novels, films, songs, news, even if we do not always realize it. They leave their marks on us, they shape our convictions and our behaviours,” he said.
Samjumi added that the spewing of bad stories could be traced to the serpent’s encounter with the woman in the book of Genesis.
”We are in an age where falsification is increasingly sophisticated,” an age where people “‘peddle unverified information, repeating deceptively persuasive arguments, sending strident and hateful messages.
”Indeed, we are in an age where people create and manipulate stories so as to corrupt human minds as well as for exploitation
”This ugly situation calls for a conscious and robust response from Church leaders, pastoral agents, media practitioners, and from all men and women of goodwill.
”Consequently, the great challenge this document puts before all of us is the need to earnestly work toward countering the many bad stories in our society with “a human-angle story that can speak of ourselves and of the beauty all around us.
”All men and women of goodwill are called to tell “stories that build up, not tear down,” stories that “help us rediscover our roots and the strength needed to move forward together.
”A fair combination of wisdom, creativity, courage, patience and discernment are necessary qualities required in order to attain these objectives,” he said.
Samjumi said that in order to counter the numerous negative stories, “we are challenged to employ all means and opportunities available to write our own stories.
”Film producers, actors and youths may explore the use of media forms like short video clips or dance drama in re-telling the many great biblical stories and parables of Jesus, in fostering positive values in the society and also in rebuking the many ills plaguing our society.
”Media practitioners need to be present on social media to tell the stories of goodness while countering and correcting the many falsehoods therein.
”Even, stories of human frailty need to be told with an eye of love, making room for mercy because the human story is daily evolving and never fully told.
”Therefore, even when it seems hopeless, the mercy of God must never be doubted since “every human story has an irrepressible dignity,” he added.
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