Genny Uzoma is a Nigerian actress born and raised in Enugu state but hails from Imo State. One of her biggest roles was featured in the hit series, ‘Husbands of Lagos’ in 2018. With her face mostly seen in Iroko TV movies, the actress who has done quite well for herself speaks on her career, plans, and life


COVID-19 has disrupted a lot of plans, what were your plans before the emergence of the pandemic?           

With the disruption of plans this 2020 due to the pandemic, it has clearly dawned on me that man proposes and God disposes.

The plan was to keep growing in the field (entertainment) as an all-round entertainer, to produce more movies and perhaps travel the world a bit more this year.

But I mean it’s fine. All that can still be done and achieved anytime as long as we have life and good health.

Now, the pandemic is over, what are the plans moving forward?

The pandemic isn’t over. I beg to differ. People still contract the virus so we all still have to be careful and protect ourselves and try to boost our immunity.

There are also still restrictions and curfews in place so life hasn’t exactly gone back to normal though I’ve gone back to work. Let’s watch, wait and see what happens.

One of your biggest work was when you worked on ‘Husbands of Lagos’, how was the experience?

Working on the ‘Husband of Lagos’ set was pleasant and pleasurable. We all had a cordial relationship and had a goal. ‘To make the series work’ and work it did. People relate to it and love it.

Did the experience pave anything for you?

Well, I would say it did help to bring me back to the limelight after my six years hiatus. And also since then I’ve become recognized as a familiar face on the iroko TV platform and other platforms basically.

What would you refer to as your winning power has been able to stand out and relevant in the industry?

Persistence, not giving up easily no matter what, Trying daily to improve on my craft and being myself. No one else can be Genny Uzoma and that’s also my power. Actors and actresses admire some directors and love to work with them, in your case, who are the five directors you wish to work with?

Fortunately I’ve worked with some good directors. But I wouldn’t mind working with ‘Akin Omotosho, Ishaya Bako, Kenneth Gyang, Kemi Adetiba, Jade Osiberu, Kunle Afolayan and lots more.

Since fame and fortune came your way, how has it affected your romantic relationship?

Hahahaha. Fame and Fortune ..well we could still do with some more fortune and fame. Still working my way up. Now, back to the question, I’m actually single but I hope to discern right when it comes so that my career doesn’t affect my private life negatively.

If you look back to when you started, did you see yourself in this position quite early in your career?

Hahahaha, what are you talking about? My first movie was shot in 2005, though like I mentioned I was out for six years but I came back to the industry in 2014 so it’s been quite a long time. It’s not early in my career. I’m even blooming late if I can say so myself.

Who inspired your decision to go into acting?

I always had a flair for the arts and literature. It was something I knew I would do. It came naturally to me.

What were your aims and visions when you decided to go into acting, would you say you have achieved them?

Honestly, when I started as a really young girl, I had no vision or aim or strategy.

I just really wanted to be an actor and I was super excited when I got my first role. It wasn’t something I planned out but now that I’ve grown in the field, I’ve had time to map out my aims and visions and expectations and I’m really working hard to achieve them while also enjoying the journey with all the obstacles and roadblocks that come with it.

Can you share some of your memorable moments in the movie industry since you began?

When I won an award as ‘Revelation of the year Female’ in 2015, also when I was nominated for City People Awards, and when I produced my first and second film. Each event had their unique story to my journey.

How often do you get romantic advances from your male colleagues?

Lol… my colleagues are my brothers. Okay seriously I mean I don’t date entertainers. I keep saying it so if advances come back, I laugh or shrug it off.

What do you have to say on rape considering the allegations rocking Nollywood directors?

Well, anyone found guilty of rape should be made to pay for his crimes, possibly castrated.

Have you ever been in such a compromising situation?

I haven’t been in that situation.

Aside from acting, what other engagement do you have?

A little business on the side to keep me going. Actors shouldn’t rely on acting alone. Acting doesn’t pay my bills. It’s a labour of love for me.

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