Obande, who is the CEO of Business School of Commerce and Management on Wednesday from the United Kingdom through a telephone interview with ACHIEVERS Newspaper correspondent stressed on the needs why students in pursuit of further education and skills should study and advance their career with  BSCM.

“BSCM means Business School of Commerce and Management that offers a wide range of courses and programs with excellent British educational qualification without you visiting London,” Obande says

Obande further explained that BSCM was an affiliate of numerous great institutions around the globe with affordable and flexible payment. Also said that currently in Nigerian, Abuja the study centre has the best state of the art facilities ranging from internet facilities to lecture rooms

Obande’s post on the newly introduced courses and programs:

Newly introduced courses and programs as posted on the Whatsapp group of the institution.
Newly introduced courses

Real Life case studies offering you skills that can be applied immediately, interactive assignments enabling you to participate in online learning exercises
Video lectures designed and delivered by our acclaimed teaching staff
Social interaction with peers, professors and tutors to make you more
Digital resources to help you enrol, resolve technical enquiries and
develop your career.

It is recognized and respected by employers and academics worldwide
It provides a solid foundation and boosts your potentials
It is more affordable compared to other
The academic standard is high
It is flexible

You will feel welcome in most of the prestigious university in the world
It has a reputation for world-class research.
Student gets the opportunity to develop skills, critical thinking and connections to drive their career forward.

With BSCM you can get a British Qualification from Anywhere, No matter your schedule!

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